"Do nothing without intention." 

 Care, love, and intentionality went into every aspect of For Chambers & Co. From the name to the colors and designs. We believe that you should live on purpose, and expressing yourself through your style should be no different. 


Our Name

The name is in reference to the heart. The heart is often used to symbolize love, purpose, discernment, strength, and direction. 

And because language is meant to be experienced not just used, we took the liberty of using "for" instead of "four" to add a double meaning to our name. There are four chambers of the heart and the meaning of for is —used as a function word to indicate purpose.

Through our name, we want to highlight both the significance of including love in your journey (self-love and love of others) and the importance of following your "why."  




Our Logo

The logo includes our name, a minimalist heart, protected by a compass highlighting the four primary geographical directions. The gold represents success, abundance, and luxury, while black represents strength and power. 




Our Designs

In some of our designs, you will see a degree symbol.  The degree symbol, used in the geographic coordinate system, in the design represents mindfulness. It is a reminder to have appreciation and patience for where you currently are in your j°urney.