"Do nothing without intention." 

 Care, love, and intentionality went into every aspect of For Chambers. From the name to the colors and designs. We believe that you should live on purpose, and when deciding what to wear, your style should be no different. 



The name is in reference to the heart (the heart has four chambers, get it?). And no, we did not forget the "u." It's our way of saying - "for love" and "for passion." Who or what do you live for? Through our name, we want to highlight both the significance of including love in your journey (self-love and love of others) and the importance of following your "why."  



In everything that you do, you should lead with love. The logo had to be a heart; it just had to be! Also, the colors had to be bold, refreshing, and rare. Gold symbolizes excellence, blue - strength, and neon green - growth and positive energy.



The degree symbol, used in the geographic coordinate system, in the design represents an appreciation for and patience in where you currently are in your j°urney™.