For Chambers & Co.  Declaration
I am not in competition with anyone. And because this is true, I will not compare my progress to anyone else. I am exactly where I am supposed to be in my life. My journey is uniquely and magnificently designed for me. I will celebrate myself during my journey. I have everything that I need to flourish, and if I don't right now, I am strong and resourceful enough to find my way.

Our J°urney

Established in March 2020 in Atlanta, GA, For Chambers & Co. is a Black and LGBTQ+-owned lifestyle brand and online retailer now based in Washington, D.C. For Chambers & Co. uses the power of fashion and storytelling to start tough conversations and offer an alternative to comparison culture. We are a brand that values I. love, II. intentionality, III. mindfulness, and .IV audacity. For Chambers & Co. is a community that celebrates you, exactly where you are on your journey. 

At the core of our brand is the need to make a difference. When you shop with us, 4% of your purchase contributes to supporting social causes around the world. 

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