5% of your purchases go to education organizations supporting students living and learning in underfunded communities.
5% of your purchases go to education organizations supporting students living and learning in underfunded communities.
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In my life, people have told me that I wasn’t enough. I wasn’t smart enough. I came from the ‘wrong’ part of town. I was too dark. I wasn't qualified. “People like you don’t do things like this.” As a result, I lost myself. I felt like I needed to be someone else to be accepted and succeed. So, I created an unhealthy tendency to compare myself to those whom I deemed were “enough.”

Years went by, and I felt like I was just existing. I wasn't living. Everything came to a head in college. I remember competing at a track meet, and I was performing miserably (I was a long and triple jumper). See - one of the top-ranked jumpers was at the meet, and I began to compare myself to him. I began to question my preparation, strategy, and form. Then, I had a paradigm shift. I realized that continually comparing myself to others was only going to be a distraction. I had that thought for a while, but that day I finally dared to confront my fear and do something about it. I’m glad that I did because I used my newfound viewpoint to change my life for the better. Oh, and I came in first place. 

I have rediscovered my power throughout the years because I have stopped comparing my progress to other people's progress. I finished my bachelor's degree and followed that degree with a master's and doctoral degree. I fought for what I wanted. Sometimes, it was scary, but during those times, I dug deeper and fought some more. I have become comfortable being uncomfortable, and For Chambers was developed during my radical self-care and growth season. I don’t want anyone else to struggle with comparison culture, and so I have combined style, honest dialogue, and giving to share that message to offset that culture.

At For Chambers, we feel that the clothing that you wear is an extension of you. And - the words that you say speak power over your life and the lives of others. We believe that wholeheartedly. We have designed apparel that boasts powerful phrases that counteract the notion of comparing yourself to others. Your journey is your journey, and don't you ever forget that! 

I am immensely grateful for the love and support that we've received. With every piece of For Chambers apparel, we hope to start a dialogue, whether internal or external. I hope to create a community for those who want to live within their power at all times - even when the situation isn’t perfect. We also take our community support a step further by donating 5% of sales to education organizations that help students living and learning in underfunded communities. 

 Shop with us, and let's support each other on our journeys!