For Chambers Feature: Kaiya Williams - Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, and American Sign Language Student

By Jacob A. English

For Chambers Features highlights the journeys of folx in our community. They are willing (and brave enough) to offer an authentic account of where they are in their journey. 

We hope that a peek into their journey will help you along your own.

Next Up - Kaiya Williams. 

Kaiya aka Kween Kaiya is a young entrepreneur and change agent; using her creativity, focus on accessibility, and brilliance to change her community. Kaiya is just an all-around boss! 

Kaiya is wearing the Pebble - For Chambers Logo Shirt.

Where are y°u™?⁣

"I am ready, what exactly does that mean? It means I am ready for everything happening, the good, the bad, everything! I strongly believe that there are some AMAZING things coming in the near future and I can’t wait to see those things manifest! I can’t wait to keep helping people, and improve everyday. So I’m really excited for that, even though 2020 has been a really really hard year there are still some amazing things happening and coming soon so I’m trying to stay positive! So, my answer? I’M READY!! Let’s go get it!!”

Instagram: @axondaughter 

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