Silence at night

By Jacob A. English

It's silent at night.

The moon shines through the window -

through the blinds -

through the curtains.

I hear, I hear silence at night. 

A beautiful melody.

A calming rhythm.

A peace of mind.

A soothing sound.

A warmth.

A comforting embrace.

My thoughts run smoothly through my lobes.

Dancing across the grey matter -

igniting harmony with my spirit. 

My energy takes flight.


My energy dances.

It's free.

My thoughts -

blowing in the wind.

Flourishing in the wind.

There is magic at night.

A night. 

So pure and innocent.


Searching inward.

Blessings upward.

Abundance forward.

Doubt behind me.

Hush now -

do you hear it?

It's the silence at night. 

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