For Chambers Feature: Michael Reed - Registered Nurse

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Next Up - Michael Reed MHA, BSN, RN.

Michael is wearing the Love Shirt.

Where are y°u™? ⁣⁣
“This COVID-19 epidemic has changed the emotional component of health care delivery for nurses.  As a nurse, I seek a true connection with my patients during every encounter. COVID-19 has heightened the need for nurse-patient emotional interaction due to the idea that visitors (family members) are not allowed to visit patients in most hospitals and health care facilities. ⁣⁣
So, in addition to treating the emotional needs of patients, we (nurses) are charged with providing emotional stability to patients in addition to family members who cannot see or touch their hospitalized family member.  This play on emotions can be extremely draining to a nurse who is already stretched thin.  When I entered this profession, I knew I was equipped to handle these hurdles, even though I didn’t know where/how my emotional storage would be used. ⁣⁣
COVID-19 has molded us to become more engaged in the holistic care of our patients; and, this is a love that we’ve signed our lives to offer.”

Instagram: @_michaelbernard 

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